Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another Ramble

There's a whole lot on my mind, so we'll just have to see where this ramble takes us. 
Final papers have been submitted to the court, which means after a mere nine months I'm just days away from officially being divorced.  This week Ex decided to make another desperate attempt for control by leaving the kids with a babysitter he knows I don't approve of.  After he refused to use any babysitters I do approve of I decided not to have him babysit anymore.  This has resulted in me making last minute attempts to find other fill-ins for the next couple of weeks until school starts.  Stressful?  Yes, but so worth it. 

I attended a class at work about achieving success in the work place and life.  I joked that they will stop offering the course when they discover that it is causing people to quit in order to pursue their true interests.  Well, I'm not quitting today, but it has me thinking really hard about my true interests and skills and how I can best put them to use and provide for my family.  Another thing they said was to only make one major change at a time.  Maybe they should have told me that a few months ago because it is too late now.  This year I have gotten divorced, moved, bought a new car and started two blogs.  Monday I will be starting a new job in a new department and new hours.  I will still have the same job title and pay though. The next week my kids go back to school and so do I.  I'll be the newest (not the only one I'm sure) accounting student at Weber State.  

I've spent the last eleven years just going with the flow career wise.  I never had much ambition because I thought at some point I would quit to be a stay at home mom.  There are no more delusions of that happening now, although I do still hold out hope of finding a way of making a lucrative income at it.  I'm giving a lot of thought now to where I would like my career to take me, either with or without my current employer.  I'm revisiting all the things I have liked doing or imagined doing since I was a child.  This list includes: writing, singing, mother, gardening, accounting, being a scientist, knowing everything, reporting, and having a secret identity.  I'm pretty sure I can figure out how to do it all.  Any ideas?

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