Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bargain Center

3920 Wall Ave
Ogden, Ut 84405

You exit busy Wall Avenue onto their munched up nearly non-existent parking lot at your own risk, but it is so worth it.  They don't get any awards for cleanliness, or service, but this place is full of treasures.  I found this vintage purse for just a few dollars.
The blouse too.  They run sales every month.  July included 25% off plus-size clothing and 25% off pillowcases and sheets.  Most of the clothing I looked at was $2.95-$5.95.  And they have racks full of the cutest skirts you ever saw.  Pillowcases, which are so popular for the myriads of refashion possibilities, are only $ .50. 
All proceeds go to the Ogden Rescue Mission.  I've started making this shop a regular stop when I'm in the neighborhood.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ogden Union Station

I went to the Union Station about three weeks ago with two of my sisters and all our kids, and have been dying to find the time to write about it ever since.  We would have been happy spending all our time just playing on the engines on display outside.
But we finally dragged them all inside to check out the museums.
The train museum is fabulous with lots of hands on learning, and the friendliest volunteers. 

And, of course, the most awesome model train in the whole world. 
It kept all the boys, 3-15, occupied for quite some time, chasing it from room to room and memorizing each trains path.  In fact, the train museum kept us so busy that we ran out of time to really look at the other museums.  There is also a car museum,

 a Browning gun museum,

 and two art museums.  The Union Station is also home to a wonderful restaurant,

and a train shop.

Did I mention we got in to the museums free with our Dinosaur Park and Nature Center passes. There will be free admission for everyone on August 6th .
I know this has been a lot of pictures but I have to share just a few more of this incredible building.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry and Sushi

I had a fabulous weekend.  Friday night I went out for dinner with my fabulous work friends.  Saturday I went to Harry Potter with my BFF.  Her dad's insurance agent bought out the theater and gave him four tickets.  I love that I get to be included in her family from time to time.  When I got there, this guy was walking around.

Isn't he just the best Hagrid look alike?  It made me absolutely giddy with excitement.  I met BFF 12 years ago and she introduced me to the Harry Potter books.  Together we have eagerly anticipated each new book and movie.  It seemed quite fitting to end the saga with her.  Oh, and it was my very first 3-D movie, which I thought was very cool.
Digging these glasses!
Saturday evening I shopped with my sister.  Layne Bryant made me mad because it sucked.  Its sister store Fashion bug is a much better store than it is.  But I had much more success at Savers which always makes me happy.  We ended our evening at Windy's Sukiyaki.  I have never been there and was so excited to have my very first sushi ever!  I thought it might be super expensive but it wasn't.  We got a private room and ordered pot stickers (I can't remember their Japanese name but it was really cool the way Sis said it.) calamari, and two sushi rolls (salmon and tuna with pink rice paper).  I also had the jasmine tea which was so yummy.  I'm kicking myself for forgetting to take pictures.  It was heavenly! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Telephone chair

  I wasn't actually yard sailing, but I spotted this beauty as I drove past and actually drove back around the block to get a better look.  The seat was torn, and it was scratched up.  But I was already in love, so I handed over my $8 and it was mine.  I took off the seat and recovered it with this:
I said you would see this sheet again.  I painted the chair with black spray paint.  This is the project where I learned that the $3 can is worth way more than three times the $1 can.  I wished I had learned it sooner.  It went on so smoothly.  When it was dry, I sprayed it with sealer.  Then I screwed the seat back on, and VOILA!

I always fret and worry before I paint something, but as soon as I see the glossy black finish, I know I did the right thing.  Learn more about the joys of black spray paint from my friend Ali at Drab to Fab.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Cold Springs Trout Farm

Cold Springs Trout Farm
2284 Fruitland Drive
Ogden, Utah 84414


Open Mon-Sat 9am-8pm

                                My children think that we are supposed to go to the fish farm every time cousins are visiting from out of town, because it has happened so many times.  So, naturally, when my sister, who is here visiting with her five kids, and I were discussing what we should do for the day, my oldest chimes in, "Well, aren't we going fishing."  Everyone agreed it was a brilliant idea and my dad said he would foot the bill (which ended up being 80 some odd dollars for about 20 fish.)  The bill for a couple of fish would probably come in around $10.  And there is a pavilion that can be rented for large groups.
                             I was struck by the beauty of the place.  I plan to return again with my kids and a picnic lunch soon.  We probably won't fish, but we can buy fish food for 25 cents.  Then we will have a great time feeding fish and enjoying the fabulous scenery. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

a journey

My fabulous sister shared this link with me.  A Story of Beauty & Finding Yourself.  She knew I would relate. 
And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin

I've been having a lot of bad days lately.  Partially caused by dealing with kids and their head lice (a story for another day, or maybe not.  I haven't decided.) But mostly because I'm confused at what step to take next.  I'm really proud of the steps I've taken so far.  They have taken me from a place where I was dyeing and brought me back to life.  Now there is a tug of war with my spirit as the rope.  On one side I need to love and accept myself just as I am, and on the other, I need to grow and progress and be headed somewhere.  It can all be very depressing at times. 

How do I bring these two sides that are seemingly opposites around so that they can coexist and strengthen each other? 
I don't have the answer, but I like reading about people who have found their own answers.

I need to remember that even if I don't know where I want my  journey to lead, it is important to keep taking steps.  And while I am walking, I might look up a side road.  It will probably be bumpy and steep, and it will be beautiful.  Then I will know that I want to climb that hill and I will turn my course that way.  Until then, I just need to pick a direction and start walking.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Background

I've changed my background on my blog.  Partly because I figured out how, and partly because it was just too confusing having the same background as the super awesome blog, O-town Mama.


I love thrifting!  I'm hoping to do a whole series on the thrift stores of Ogden, starting with this one.
I first set foot in the Ogden Savers in July 1998, which means I have loved this store for thirteen years.  As a mother it has been an essential tool in caring for my kids on a tiny budget. 
Today wasn't just any old day at Savers.  Today was half-price day!

These are days on or near holidays when everything (well, almost everything, not furniture) is half price.  People show up early so they can be among the first to get in at 7:00 am.  I avoid that mad house because I know a few secrets.  First, their awesome staff continues putting huge numbers of new(well new to them) items out on the floor all day.  Second, every day is sale day at Savers.  Each week new items are given a certain color sticker.  Every Monday the oldest color become half price and any items left from the previous weeks half-price color become 99 cents.  I love the challenge of finding treasures that have missed the eyes of other thrifters for so many weeks.  That said, I never like to miss a day when everything is on sale so I arrived promptly at 11:00, long after the early throngs were gone. 
When thrifting it is best to show up with a list.  I put everything in different categories.

                           Items I need now.  Such as a dress, a swim suit and new shoes for my daughter.
            dress $3
blouse $2.50

Brown shoes $3.50
black shoes $1.50

Items I'll need in the future
black snow pants $2.50
purple snow pants $3.50
This can save you a ton of money, because it saves you from buying whatever you can find and paying whatever they're asking if you wait until you need it.

Things I want

scarf $1.50
I'm trying to learn to accessorize and dress outside my box.
This shirt is unlike anything I've worn before.  I'm excited to see what I do with it.
I also went with a budget.  I didn't allow myself to go over $50.  This forced me to only get the items I needed and absolutely loved.  I adjust my budget based on my needs and my monthly budget, of course.

I also bought another dress and two skorts for my daughter, and jeans and two more shirts for me.  Nothing for the other kids because their closets are overflowing.

Some rules I go by when thrifting.
1. Never buy something if you don't know what you'll use it for.
2. Wear tight fitting clothing so you can try clothing on over them.  Some stores don't prewash clothing (Savers does) and fitting rooms are a bear.  I learned this trick from Shana at Color Blind.
3. Don't buy anything you won't be able to use in the next year. 
4. Buy for your size.  I have a closet full of clothes one size to small for me.  They aren't doing me any good so I don't need to add to them.  I'll only buy one size up for the kids because I don't like to store them.
3. Less is more.  I'ts nice to come home with a few things you love and know you will love.  More just becomes overwhelming. 

Oh, I also bought this flat sheet.

I immediately thought of a couple projects I'm doing when I saw this.  Don't be surprised to see this featured in some future blogs.  Top sheets hardly get any wear but are always tossed out when the bottom sheet wears out.  They are an excellent source of cheap, high quality fabric.

And my $50 budget? 

All in all a very good day at Savers!