Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ogden Union Station

I went to the Union Station about three weeks ago with two of my sisters and all our kids, and have been dying to find the time to write about it ever since.  We would have been happy spending all our time just playing on the engines on display outside.
But we finally dragged them all inside to check out the museums.
The train museum is fabulous with lots of hands on learning, and the friendliest volunteers. 

And, of course, the most awesome model train in the whole world. 
It kept all the boys, 3-15, occupied for quite some time, chasing it from room to room and memorizing each trains path.  In fact, the train museum kept us so busy that we ran out of time to really look at the other museums.  There is also a car museum,

 a Browning gun museum,

 and two art museums.  The Union Station is also home to a wonderful restaurant,

and a train shop.

Did I mention we got in to the museums free with our Dinosaur Park and Nature Center passes. There will be free admission for everyone on August 6th .
I know this has been a lot of pictures but I have to share just a few more of this incredible building.

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  1. Keith and I enjoyed a trip to Union Station before the children were born. What a great reminder of something fun to do in the area. I bet the children would love it. If I can remember to do it Aug 6, that would be perfect! We have also been trying to figure out a good time to bring them on the FrontRunner.