Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Telephone chair

  I wasn't actually yard sailing, but I spotted this beauty as I drove past and actually drove back around the block to get a better look.  The seat was torn, and it was scratched up.  But I was already in love, so I handed over my $8 and it was mine.  I took off the seat and recovered it with this:
I said you would see this sheet again.  I painted the chair with black spray paint.  This is the project where I learned that the $3 can is worth way more than three times the $1 can.  I wished I had learned it sooner.  It went on so smoothly.  When it was dry, I sprayed it with sealer.  Then I screwed the seat back on, and VOILA!

I always fret and worry before I paint something, but as soon as I see the glossy black finish, I know I did the right thing.  Learn more about the joys of black spray paint from my friend Ali at Drab to Fab.

1 comment:

  1. OH I LOVE IT! and I admit, a but jealous. I love finds like that, and a unique cool chair to boot! Good job friend!