Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry and Sushi

I had a fabulous weekend.  Friday night I went out for dinner with my fabulous work friends.  Saturday I went to Harry Potter with my BFF.  Her dad's insurance agent bought out the theater and gave him four tickets.  I love that I get to be included in her family from time to time.  When I got there, this guy was walking around.

Isn't he just the best Hagrid look alike?  It made me absolutely giddy with excitement.  I met BFF 12 years ago and she introduced me to the Harry Potter books.  Together we have eagerly anticipated each new book and movie.  It seemed quite fitting to end the saga with her.  Oh, and it was my very first 3-D movie, which I thought was very cool.
Digging these glasses!
Saturday evening I shopped with my sister.  Layne Bryant made me mad because it sucked.  Its sister store Fashion bug is a much better store than it is.  But I had much more success at Savers which always makes me happy.  We ended our evening at Windy's Sukiyaki.  I have never been there and was so excited to have my very first sushi ever!  I thought it might be super expensive but it wasn't.  We got a private room and ordered pot stickers (I can't remember their Japanese name but it was really cool the way Sis said it.) calamari, and two sushi rolls (salmon and tuna with pink rice paper).  I also had the jasmine tea which was so yummy.  I'm kicking myself for forgetting to take pictures.  It was heavenly! 

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