Monday, July 11, 2011

Cold Springs Trout Farm

Cold Springs Trout Farm
2284 Fruitland Drive
Ogden, Utah 84414


Open Mon-Sat 9am-8pm

                                My children think that we are supposed to go to the fish farm every time cousins are visiting from out of town, because it has happened so many times.  So, naturally, when my sister, who is here visiting with her five kids, and I were discussing what we should do for the day, my oldest chimes in, "Well, aren't we going fishing."  Everyone agreed it was a brilliant idea and my dad said he would foot the bill (which ended up being 80 some odd dollars for about 20 fish.)  The bill for a couple of fish would probably come in around $10.  And there is a pavilion that can be rented for large groups.
                             I was struck by the beauty of the place.  I plan to return again with my kids and a picnic lunch soon.  We probably won't fish, but we can buy fish food for 25 cents.  Then we will have a great time feeding fish and enjoying the fabulous scenery. 

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  1. i have yet to go there. it looks like a lot of fun.