Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Center for Grieving Children

I must share my new favorite thing/place/people; A Center for Grieving Children.

My children's dad has started working a new shift which has resulted in the kids seeing him less often than they are used to. This caused some issues for my oldest. That is when I realized she needed more help than what I was giving her (I probably knew it sooner but being overwhelmed, I put it off.) I had a good chat with my children's school counsellor (something else I should have done sooner) and she gave me a list of resources including A Center for Grieving Children.

I called them and they scheduled a time for me to bring the kids in. At our appointment, one person showed the kids around and told them about it, and then they played. Another person talked with me about the center and walked me through the paper work. They were so welcoming and kind and made it all very easy.

This place is so Amazing! They have groups for children who have suffered loss through death, and groups for kids who are struggling with their parents separations and divorce. We were there for divorce. The kids are split into two groups by age and get to play with and talk to other kids who are going through the exact same thing. They have many fabulous volunteers who facilitate this. My daughter was amazed that every child there had parents who were divorced. It made her feel like she belonged instead of being different.

While the children are playing, the parents meet with a facilitator in another room where they get to discuss their current challenges and support each other.

I am so glad my children and I get to be a part of this.

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