Monday, September 5, 2011

Golden Rain Tree

Golden rain tree Koelrueteria paniculata is a very popular landscape tree around here. It is a small tree and has year round visual appeal.  This time of year it is covered in clusters of golden seed pods.  I plucked a couple clusters from a nearby tree and brought them in to make a lovely autumn floral arrangement.
I painted the vases black with my favorite glossy black spray paint.  I put the pods in one of the vases.  The one with a narrow mouth worked best.  Then I added a green plant in a matching black pot. 
It is ok the way it is now, but I want to add something in the back for height.  Maybe some plume grass?  Time for a nature walk.
The plant is pothos, Epipremnum aureum.  It has been growing like crazy the last few weeks while all my other plants have been struggling, like this Dracaena marginata.

Pothos is an awesome oxygen producer, and is happy to grow in almost any environment.  It is the perfect house plant for everyone. 
Here is another cluster of vases I have done.

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