Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday musings

When you have a three year old, you get to say things like, "My mouse is missing."  I'm sure most people usually find all of their computer attachments right where they left them, with their computers, but mothers of preschoolers can never be sure.  I don't doubt that in the next day or two he will go straight to the lost item and bring it back to me beaming with pride but for now he's not talking.
   This is why today's post is just my ramblings and not a calendar of what's happening next week. 
   This past week my life has been completely consumed by allergies.  The pine tree outside my house has been dropping insane amounts of pollen.  My allergies have been unbearable and combined with my asthma have made me one sick mama.  I think the trees have finally shed their last flecks of pollen, and by this afternoon I felt almost like myself again.  So I mustered my strength and headed downtown for the arts festival with all three kids in tow.  Going out with kids is always a gamble, but today it paid off because they were extremely well behaved(not a usual occurrence.) We had a fun conversation on the way about how if you took away a true artist's paper, she would still find a way to create art.  The kids had some great suggestions such as drawing on boxes, and painting with pollen on the sidewalk, and other fun creative things they have done before (of course no one mentioned rubbing food on the walls.)
  My favorite thing about the arts festival was watching all the vibrant happy people, both the artists and the people who were there to enjoy the art.  It was just the type of environment that stirs the creative soul, and awakens sleeping dreams.  I have a lot of dreams, most of them still sleeping seeds, not allowed to grow out of fear they will die before they bloom and bear fruit.  Well, I took a couple of those seeds today and planted them in a sunny little spot and watered them.  I can't wait to see what happens.

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  1. I missed you - I had a free kids' craft at the Union Station from 10 until 2(for the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center). We painted natural wood snakes with watercolors - It would have been great to see you.