Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a single mom's journey of survival and self-discovery

The end: I spent ten years in a relationship where I was controlled, demeaned and isolated.  I call it verbal and emotional abuse, although it took me years to see it as such, and others still disagree with me. 
   One morning I received the clarity which I had sought for so long.  I knew I should get divorced and I knew I had to do it immediately because I would never have the courage again.  That evening I thold the Ex I wanted a divorce and asked him to leave.  When he refused, the children and I left with just the clothes we were wearing, whatever happened to be in the messy minivan and two bags that my oldest child had scrambled to throw together.
The begining: And that's how my little family ended up homeless on my sister's doorstep.  She welcomed us in with tears of joy.  She found us a place to live, and with the help of her awesome husband and congrigation, began to furnish it.
  I've seen other women in my situation who go straight into survival mode and never quite get it together, while others thrive.  I want to thrive.  I feel as if I've been unleashed and there is a big beautiful world out there to discover.  This blog is an attempt to document my journey.  I hope to be a help to other women who may feel a connection with my story.  I intend to share helpful tips, and new interests.  Most of all, I hope to provide some inspiration.


  1. Well said. I know you will thrive!!

  2. I am literally weeping with joy for you. not for your struggles and all you had/have to go through, but for your courageousness and strength! It took my mother 40 years. 40 YEARS to finally realize that she was really a daughter of a King and no one deserves to be treated that way! To you and all women who are brave enough to stand up for yourself and your're my Hero! I agree, you will thrive! Good luck, and am serious when I say that if you need ANYTHING don't hesitate to ask.